Key Themes

Summit key themes cover the key challenges of the industry:

1.    Renewables integration and load balancing (Stream 1)

•    Connecting offshore wind and sea storage to the grid
•    Making use of excess power: Power to Gas project
•    Electric vehicles to grid
•    HDVC Supergrid technology
•    Renewables integration projects in Asia

2.    Communications and data (Stream 2)

•    Big data
•    Handling data bottlenecks
•    Protect yourself against cyber attacks
•    Risk management tools
Virtual Power Plant (VPP)
•    Grid automation
•    Efficient communication networks
•    Internet based platforms

3.    Customer involvement (Stream 3)

•    Enabling and motivating consumers for smart grid implementation
•    Data transmission and M2M technologies
•    Changing consumer habits
•    Dynamic pricing for peak shaving
•    Smart home projects
•    Industrial demand response programmes
•    Microgrids