Key Themes

Summit key themes cover the key challenges of the industry:

1.Business Models and Frameworks

  • The Business Model of Flexibility
  • Energy Solutions for Smarter Cities
  • New business models to support Smart Grid Technologies
  • Examining the Energy Project at Hoog Dalemn
  • USEF –The Energy Framework
  • Regulatory Aspects of Smart Grids and Demand Side Management from a DSO Perspective

2.Customer Involvement

  • Intelligent Products for the Customers
  • Introduction of Intelligent Metering Systems
  • Flexible Tariffs for Households and Small Businesses
  • Going Social
  • Changing customer habits

3.Infrastructure, Technologies & ICT

  • Voltage Control in the Distributed Power Grid
  • Automated Distribution Networks
  • The Next Generation: How much Storage do we really need?
  • Penetration of Electric Vehicles and Deloyment Vehicle to Grid
  • Research for the Energy Future
  • Microgrids